Monday, 12 December 2011

Local train wonders...

   Sitting in the train, my thoughts wandered everywhere. People rushed inside the train as I flipped the pages of The Times Of India. I made enormous efforts to stay focused on my column of interest. The luxury of sprawling the newspaper all over my lap was taken away in a matter of minutes. The train crossed Dadar and I had to fold the sheets into four crooked parts. The continuous chirping of people grew into a huge pandemonium with the growing advances of the stations. Ladies with lapping babies outnumbered the population of my compartment today. Few children rushed to the window and stood right in front of me forcing me to fold my paper into another fold. The growing cries of babies and the even higher pleads of the mothers to stop their babies from crying while trying to make a comfortable place for themselves had given rise to an atmosphere of complete chaos.
   Looking around me I realized, the scenario was nothing new... there are always such typical characters in train, or as a matter of fact, in any such crowded place. If you look around casually, you will find, there are always one of such kind found easily everywhere.

   -The touch-me-not ladies!
There's always a lady shouting at the others around her and accusing them of intentionally pushing her, the accused lady denying the accuse and fighting back like this accuse was capable of denying her the rights of heaven and putting her through hell!

   -The lady with the over-sized bag!
You may find them in the trains very often. They have not just one but many huge over-sized and extra stuffed bags. They occupy more space, thanks to the many numbers of bags they carry, and disturb everyone around them if they get into or get out at a crowded station.

   -The baby-sitting ladies!
These ladies are seen with a bundle of babies. The youngest of all wrapped carefully in sheets and towels resting in her arms, while the size and age of her off-springs goes on increasing. These ladies are always busy shouting orders to her children and keeping her herd from swaying in all different directions!

   -The I-don't-care ladies!
These ladies are generally found to be over-weight, and they use this as an advantage to bully the other passengers. They will simply stand in your place and you cant say a word or you will be shot-dead verbally, and if at all you are successful in enraging her then you might as well get a few elbow-blows from her!

   -The I-know-it-all ladies!
These breed of women have an opinion on almost everything happening around them. Not just that, they will also be ready to fight you tooth-and-nail, in-case you don't seem to agree with their opinion. And if you dare to be different, then you can be sure she will not shut her opinion-pot till the time she gets out of  the train!

   -The I-want-a-seat ladies!
These are the largest breed of everyday passengers. They start asking you your destination the very moment they enter the train. They claim your seat and when you get up, you are expected to bestow your seat to that particular person. In-case you forget 'that' person and give it to someone else, mind you, that maybe just the beginning of World War III!

   And there is a class of passengers like me too! We are called the 'silent-observers'. We generally have a book, newspaper or magazine in our hand, headphones in our ears, sitting/standing silently at one place, smiling at everyone whose eyes meet ours, nodding at those who ask for our opinion on their opinions, helping the ones with over-sized bags and plethora of kids, and obediently remembering the 'one' who claimed our seat!

So next time you find yourself in such a spot, you know being what is the best for your health! ;) 


  1. fortunately there are no such species in the general compartment...we live in peace harmony and brotherhood.! :D :P

    btw the post is hilarious...! good work :):)

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  3. well done...! a benevolent weltschmerz...!!

  4. Nice Nice! I have surely seen these! :D :D Uff. Me too belong to your category! :D :D

    PS: Nice Blog. :D Will return for more!

  5. Really locals freaks me out too. i am still not flat fleet with the whirl gig of mumbai locals..its like pran jaye so gaye par train na jaye. and the commuter every evening must be singing ~i am going die in your arms tonight~ at the spanking hours :P

    1. oh mann..thats so true!! :D
      but its like a glass of water haf full.. its ur choice how u see it, haf full or haf empty! ;)
      theres fun and and enjoyment in everything around us, v just need to keep our eyes open to see it! :D