Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Too old to cry......!

                YOU ARE TOO OLD TO CRY...!!
      I have been hearing this sentence from as long as I can remember. The days I didnt get my favourite candy, the days I didnt get permission to go out and play at an odd hour, the days when I fought with my friends and came home sobbing, the days when I fell down and scrapped my knees and elbows, the days when the teacher scolded me, the days when a street dog chased me on the road, the days when I fell off while climbing a tree or a boundary wall... people would say, 'you are too old to cry, only children cry, you are a big brave girl, dont cry!'
      I have grown up hearing these words. Since childhood, I have been taught that crying is a sign of weakness, a sign of failure, a sign of losers. Only the weakest of all cry in a situation. Crying is a sign of being helpless and surrendering to the situation. 
      But come to think of it, does crying only means being helpless, being weak, being a loser? Isn't crying one of the best ways to release the tension and free yourself from guilt and pain? Do you really have to be small to cry? Can't grown-ups cry too?! Why don't people let someone cry their heart out and get rid of all the dirt from their soul? Why dont people cry whenever they feel pain and free themselves from the emotional baggage instead of taking them forward? Its time people take the tag-line of fast-track seriously and cleanse themselves not just physically but also emotionally and MOVE ON!!
     Too many questions about crying, isn't it?!
      But after all these years, I have concluded, that, crying is not bad at all... Infact, I have promised myself, that whenever I feel the baggage of emotion too heavy to carry forward, or feel pain that I can't keep within myself, I will cry. I will cry and not be slave to that sad emotion. I will cry, cleanse myself of the thought bothering me and move on!
      To all the people who run into an empty room or a lonely corner to cry... Why hide the fact that you are pained? Why try to convey to the world that 'I am a grown-up and I dont cry?' Why??
      So next time you feel like you can't control your emotions, or you can't take it any more, or you simply are pained... don't hesitate! CRY!
      Trust me, you will feel better. You will feel happier, relaxed and lighter.
      And heyy... you don't have to be a child to cry...... grown-ups too cry!! :) 


  1. i am always a baby about the pain too :P and i make a self-made puddle with tears :P