Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lady Narcissist!!

Welcome everyone!!
They say, if you wait long enough, you always get the best! And it applies to everything and everywhere in life. And today I'm here to share with you all my first guest post ever! And could it be anymore grand than having it on the blog which inspired me to start writing short stories!! Her stories awakened the dead creative cells in my brain, and now I try visualize fictional scenarios in everything around me... no, that doesn't mean I day-dream the whole day! I just try picturing unusual stories in the everyday situations around me. Just like seeing the world through a tinted glass, and everything around you appears tinted!

So, *drum-rolls*
 I, Aditi Ray, hereby, proudly announce, about my first guest post ever! And that too in none other blog than Mystical Skeptical Me!!!! *claps please!* xD :P

The author of this blog is Pradeeta Mishra, commonly known as MSM! This species is found very rarely, and can be classified as the best in its breed! I have been talking regularly to her off-lately, and she is one of the cutest, sweetest, most bindaas, and most adorable girls I've ever met! She's a lawyer by profession, graduated from Christ College, Bangalore, and is currently jobless! I've been inviting her to Mumbai considering at the huge demand and shallow supply of lawyers here, but she's hesitant! But voila, the moment I asked her for a movie, and pat comes the reply, I'll come to mumbai soon, and then we'll watch it together! :P No, she's not a retard, bas thoda screw dheela hai! :P But she has been most supportive, and so kind with my post and put it up in her blog, as a guest post! :)

So here is the link to my guest post. It is my first try with such genre, so please be kind with me folks! 

Until next time...
Cheers! :D


  1. Retard??!! More like slowtard! :D :D :D Screw toh baarish mein has become rusted! :D :D :D

    You deserve the best ALA Me!!! :D :D :D
    Love you!!!!!!!

  2. Loved your post @ MSM's space! Digging into your archives :)


  3. Read your post, it was lovely :D
    P.s.- There is an award for you at my blog , please check it :)