Friday, 11 December 2015

Behtar... aur behtar...

There comes a point in life when everything comes to a stand-still. The path you were walking on since so long seems lost. You suddenly find yourself lost in the middle of desert. There is no fresh vigor...nothing new. The spice in life seems missing. You find yourself on an island, and even treading out in the open sea feels very dangerous. I am at that point of life. everything seems frozen. Life seems to have come to a full stop. You can see the Everest, but your feet feels glued to the ground. And although you want to reach the Everest, you don't feel encouraged enough to take the journey ahead. You lack You feel like going back home since treading the remaining journey seems very boring and tiresome to you. You give excuses to yourself as to why you cant make it to the Everest, but somewhere deep down, you know you dont belong here, you belong to the Everest...up there, right at the top of the peak...thats where you belong. But without enthusiasm and energy, you cant even take a step further, forget climbing the Everest!

What do you do then ?

Run away? Stay right there, and keep convincing yourself why you are still standing there and not at the Everest. You know it is because of your own laziness, you know the truth. But you keep giving excuses... excuses to hide the scars... excuses to see yourself in the mirror. But are you really able to look into your eyes , and not feel ashamed? You are not. Because you know you got what you worked for. You know you didnt work as much hard as you should have. You know you are stagnant and stinking because you chose to. You know you could have been the Gangotri, but you chose to be the stinky pond because of your choice of actions.

What do you do then?

Sit there and sulk ? Or get up, take responsibility for your actions, and be responsible for your future course of life. Decide for yourself what you want to be... A lazy stinky pond? Or the fresh speedy Gangotri? Of course, being Gangotri isn't easy... there will be many rocky mountains that you will have to cross. Many impossible roads that you will have to cut and make a way for yourself. Many big ups and downs you will have to face. Many hard rocks will have to cut. And many a times stay stagnated at a place and work consistently and never lose hope. But the result will be immensely satisfying. The result will be the Holy Ganges. 'You' will be the Holy Ganges. You will be the epitome of purity and progress. You will be worshiped as a Goddess, and you will be renowned the world over. You will at the pinnacle of Everest... a place where you belong.

But at the same time, being a pond is the easiest. You sit at one place the whole day, see the same horizon every single day, and be part of the same daily chore, and keep sulking on the fact that you are stuck being a pond. The decision is always and always on us. The onus to be what we be in our life is always on us. Whether we be a river or a pond!

Of course, you will meet a few angels on your way. They will make the journey easier for you. They will help you when you are on the verge of losing all hope. But dont expect them to be by your side forever. They wont. They were sent for a purpose, which when fulfilled, they too will be gone. Cherish those magical memories, but dont hang onto them, expecting them to last forever. Nothing lasts forever. No-one stays forever. Learn to let go, and move on... on your own journey in life. People will come, people will go, but you must keep moving, till the very last day of your life.

So, life is not going to be a bed of roses, for anybody! But at least we can prevent it from being a bed of thorns. A simple ideology, a simple living, and a simple life is all we all strive for. But having accomplished these things for our own life, if we are able to make even an ounce of difference in somebody else's life, that is what really makes the difference. That is what really sets us apart from the others.

The urge to keep moving forward in life, and never be stagnated by anything is the real way to live life. The constant urge to be better than before, and make this world a better place than it was yesterday , is the real secret to life.

Just like a friend always says,
"Sometimes all you need is, Ghadi detergent.... behtar... aur behtar... aur behtar...."