Tuesday, 25 September 2012

They say.........

They say, you are not the same anymore, you have changed! I look at them sarcastically and think to myself, yes I'm no more the same, I have changed, when did I deny that. I know I'm no more that sweet girl who'd listen to all your non-sense with a lock on her lips. Yes, I have changed. I dont do every damn thing that you tell me to, I am no more your puppet, and yes I have changed. I use my head, I take my own decisions and I decide whats right and wrong for me. Yes, I have changed, changed for better.

They say, you no longer are what you used to be, and I say, yes, when did I tell you I'll always be the same. When did I promise I'll never change. Did I take an oath to be with you forever? No. So how did you assume I'll always be what I used to be then. I say, it is your fault not mine. Yes, I am no longer the person who I used to be, but I never said I'll never change.

They say, you no longer have time for me, and I say, yes I dont have time for you. Yes, you no longer in my priority list. Yes, I prefer meeting other people over you. Yes, I prefer talking to other people and not you. But when did I sign a contract with you, stating I'll always talk to you. When did I say you will be the only person on my contact list. When did I say you will be my priority forever. When did I promise not to talk to other people over you.

They say, you dont care anymore, and I say, true, I dont care anymore. When did I say I'll always care for you. When did I promise I'll always be at your side. When did I say you'll always be on my mind. True, I have other people to care about. Yes, you are not the only one in my life. So, stop expecting things to freeze in the past, where you are so stuck up, and move on.

They say, you look different! I know what they mean, they mean, you look ugly, but hell yeah, when did I tell you I'll always look my best. I do have a mirror at home, and trust me, I look at at it everytime before stepping out. So I know I look ugly, but when did I say I always look beautiful. I am not a plastic face, or a face plastered with plastic, so I look as I am, the true me, the natural me, and I know how I look. Yes, I look different, but did I promise to look the same ever!

They say, they said, and they will keep saying. But I never said I'll keep listening to them. I never promised I'll always do what they feel I should be doing. I never said I'll be what they want me to be. I am what I am, and I give a f*** at what they think I should be doing!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Squeeze me like a lemon....!

Dear life,

There have been so many times when you have squeezed me like a lemon, crushed me like a sugar-cane, blended me like the coriander leaves and grated me like the onions, to bring out the best in me, and you have succeeded very successfully in doing that. And I am thankful for all that, yes I am! You've made me stronger and helped me grow like the coconut... strong, stout and hard from the outside, but soft and creamy from inside. I'm glad for that, yes I am! You've taught me so many things in all these 20 years that I can only be thankful to you. You have shown me success and failures too! There have been times when I sat in the corner and cried, but you have shown me moments too, when I proudly flaunt and rave about my achievements. You have given me many gold medals, and you have given me red lines in my report-cards too! You have shown me the good and the bad about various things in life, and made me wiser, and I thank you today for everything you have done and given me. There have been times when I fell down and scrapped my knees and shed tears that could fill a river, but you have also taught me that falling is the first step towards rising! Without failure there is no succes, without tears there is no happiness, and without night there cannot be a day.

I thank you for making me realize your value and importance. There are times when you have been unfair, unjust, rude and mean to me, or so I have felt, but you have always made me realize that with every bad thing comes a good thing. You have made me cry but you have made me laugh harder. You have pushed me into depression but you have given me tons of memories to cherish too! You have closed many doors on my face, but you have opened many new doors too! You have locked me in the dark room but you have also always slid in a candle and a matchbox to keep me company and get rid of the darkness around me. I have fallen many a times but you have always sent someone to hold me and wipe my tears and comfort me with good words and advise. You have given me many teary nights, but many laughter bouts too! You have given me a handful of enemies but a whole bunch of friends too. You have made me realize that it is not always the blood relations that really matter, relations can be build overnight with a complete stranger. It is not always necessary that whatever you do, people will do the same to you. Just because you are a vegetarian, doesnt mean, the tiger wont eat you! You've taught me to always expect the unexpected. You've taught me that no matter how perfect the lie is, it can never out-wit the truth. The truth, no matter how small and how well hidden, comes out of the closet at the end. You just cannot hide the truth, so better to tell the truth and skip the chain of lies. Thankyou for making me realize that lies never work, and truth is always the only answer.

I thank you for every little failure that you've shown me, I've learned so much from them. You've taught me that failures are not just failures, they are the must-haves for success. A person who has never failed, can never succeed. Success stands on a pillar called failure. So, the number of failures you have just means the stronger the base of your success, the only catch is to never lose hope and keep trying. Thankyou for holding my back, everytime I lost hope, and showing me that one ray of hope when everything seemed so dark. Thankyou for giving the best of everything I ever needed. The best of parents, the best of siblings, the best of guardians, the best of friends, the best of companions, the best of teachers, the best of everthing. I thank you today, because you've also shown me that, everyone in this world is not as lucky as me. Everyone on this planet is not blessed like me. You have not been so good with everyone like you've been with me. Though there were times I called you partial and mean and unfair, I didnt realise that you are way too partial and too good towards me. Thankyou for being so partial with me, and giving me all the happiness and joy and comfort in my life. Thankyou.

Life, you have made me the person that I am today. You have always showered me with surprises. You never cease to surprise me at every corner, every turn on my path. You've taught me that only change is constant, rest everything changes. We must not hold on to things, letting go is the nature and rule of life. Nothing lasts forever, one day everything has to go away...your friends, your lover, your partner, your parents, everything! Holding onto them just ensures that you cant progress in your life. Move on, enjoy the freshness of the new things around. Enjoy in the expectation of unexpected. This is life, and you must move on.

You have taught me that the only powerful moving force around is LOVE. Love everyone, smile at everyone. You might just make someone's day blissful and happy with your smile. So, smile all the time! Thankyou for teaching me something new everyday. A new experience everyday. A new adventure everyday. And most importantly, giving me a new day everyday! I feel blessed just because I'm still alive and happy! Thankyou.

But having said all this, I also have a request for you, dont squeeze me like a lemon, or crush me like a sugarcane, because..... Ouch! it hurts!!