Monday, 28 November 2011

promise keepers!

   I just finished my dinner and as usual was heading to bed with my current bed-time book-- "Word Power Made Easy"- Norman Lewis, but just then a thought crossed my mind and I remembered about my promise I made to myself about writing my blog as frequently as possible. So here I am writing my blog again! :)
   The thought that I am able keep my own promises is more than fulfilling. I think about the people who kept their promises they made to me.
   They promised me that they would keep their promises. They promised me my needs, my wants and my luxuries in a climax. They promised me the smile on my lips would never fade. They promised me the world to me and they are keeping their every promise since my childhood!
   My parents!
   Yes, they are the true promise keepers!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

lost in the pantomime...

   After a long day, I sit here..suddenly remembering I have stopped blogging right after creating my blog. I open my daily time-table and scribble at a place to keep myself reminded about my blog!
   I look back at the time when I so confidently promised myself about writing a blog everyday, whatever happened to that promise. I push my mind a few months back to see what went wrong and I found myself spending profligate time over facebook! Chatting with long forgotten friends, posting stupid posts, putting up immature statuses, and doing everything that I don't recommend myself doing now. I finally concluded, I was lost in the pantomime of the web world.