Monday, 26 March 2012

Do you believe in ghosts.....??

   The evil and darker forces havent yet vacated my mind. Gosh, they are so persistent! Its like they want me to follow them, they are dropping bread-crumbs everywhere, leaving a trail for me to follow. Just when I was out of my mental ordeal about the darker forces and plan not to pursue them, an incident comes right front of my eyes. I cannot close my eyes even if I want to. I just cannot. I have to think and pursue them. Pursue them to satisfy my curiosity, pursue them to feed the burning flame of questions erupting in my mind.

  My mind tries very hard to dodge the question. "Does ghosts exists??"

  My logical and scientific side says, 'No. They dont. Its all illusionary.' My reality-bitten side says, 'Maybe, maybe....everythings not an illusion. Maybe....there is some realtiy to it. Maybe....they really do exist.'

  Our mind fails to understand things which cannot be proved scientifically, and it is right. We must find answers to a particular situation before reaching a conclusion, and those answers must fit the puzzle logically. Still, there are some puzzle pieces which dont fit anywhere. They dont have answers. They dont demand explanations. They just happen to loom in the dark, until discovered. These unnatural phenomenons occur all the time, everywhere. We just need to mark their presence and feel them around us. These unnatural phenomenons are nothing more than spirits - forces - energies. You cannot merely brand a force/spirit/energy to be dark. Its their deeds that tags them dark or not. Yes, they surround us all the time. Whether they try to control our lives or not is merely a matter of choice and nature of the spirit!

   After all this time of reading, listening and coming face to face with instances where logic fails and we have to give the situation a benifit of doubt, I have finally started believing in spirits. Yes I do. Although I dont blindly pseudonym any activity as a spirits' deed, but yes, when logics fail, science raises its hands up in the air, nothing else answers the question, it is then that we must know that we are not alone in this universe. Those in flesh and blood are not the only one homing this planet. Just like us, the spirits too have their habitat here, somewhere around us, and we must respect it by not intruding their space and privacy. How should we know if a space belongs to them? well... I have no clue in that sphere, and you better be carefull as to how you find it out! ;) :P

   Now comes the real question... Have you seen or experienced them??! 'Yes', says many of them and they truly believe of such existance! And the ones who say 'No', always find hard it to believe in such existences.

   Have I ever come face to face with these forces? No, but yes, I do believe in them. They have touched my life without touching it. They have passed my way many a times and I cannot help but be intrueged and feel mystified by their presence. They make me feel their presence without presenting themselves to me. They are not vulnerable to my senses but I can feel them around. The sudden jolting upright in my bed at night due to weird dreams, mind you, not scary but weird. And the very next day I find myself in a situation which feels so absurdly similar and identical. I dont know how, but it feels like I've already been in this situation before, and I know what's going to happen. Later, it dawns onto me, that I had been dreaming about it the previous night. People call is sixth sense, astral travel, telepathy, dream control, etc. But heyy, why dont I dream like this about my future happenings every night? Google may offer some scientific explainations, but my logic fails to understand.

   Just recently I saw the documentary-cum-movie called '?' (question mark) [the one seen above]. It deals with such a topic and answers my question in affirmation about the existance of ghosts and spirits. It also explains the presence of such forces/spirits around us and for a change, the explainations dont repel our logic senses. The phenomenons shown there too happen to be true. I didnt believe it earlier, and I am sure, anyone who hasn't witnessed something so violent as that wont believe it. While going through this mental ordeal, deciding whether they actually happen to be true or not, I turned to a friend, who happens to be a psychiatrist. His experiences and cross-overs with these spirits gave me more than just goosebumps. They got me thinking. My psych was made to believe that ghosts do exist. They too share our world and live in them just like we do. They too enjoy their space and fight back if we badger them - knowingly or unknowingly!

   And now when I think of ghosts and write this post, the curtain suddenly flows in my room with just a slight hint of breeze outside. I peep outside the window in this dark night and hear slight slurring whispers amongst the tall palm trees. I smilingly acknowledge their presence, draw the curtains and bury myself in my bed. I mumble a short prayer, and welcome the security of my pillow and the linen.


  1. Spooky... but very true... I have felt their presence too... sometimes it kind of engross me...
    and feeling like u had been there before too... i have felt tat tooo... i am when something hppns and u feel like u had been there, that had hppend before exactly like this... n all...

    And the spirits too... there are also around us sharing this land and space...

    Gosh! you are my kind of writer!! xaclty what i like and how i like it... its fab!!

    take care

    1. hahaha.. oh my!!
      thnx Raniyal..! U bot a genuine smile on my face!! :D
      cheers!! :D
      blessed be! :)

  2. Honestly, I really don't believe in ghosts ( I hope no such spooky spirit is reading this line :p ).
    But yes, after reading this, I was kinda scared. Never came across something unnatural or weird but I really hope I don't. I will probably just die due to screaming my lungs out. :D
    But yes. Very spooky and nice post. ;)

    1. Hahahahaha.... well in tht case, I pray tht u b safe! :P
      Although I said ghosts exist but I dont say b scared of them! :P
      btw, thnx! :)
      cheers! ;)

  3. Hey Aditi...great post.
    But to be true, i don't believe in GHOSTS/Spirits. People say, if you believe in God then y not Ghosts? Well they do have a point, n that's y i am slowly turning into an atheist :P

    Science is new...they still have to find out a lot, might be they don't have an answer right now...might be they ll give us a proper explanation...might be. Ryt?

    1. thnxx a lot!
      well.. definitely true mr.anon.... Science may hav answers in the future, and trust me, I wud be more than delighted to find the answers.

      so, lets wait fr science to explore and explain the occurrences, till then tk care! :)

  4. itna bhi darawana nahi tha :P

    1. :O
      truth hurts! :P
      I was more happy with ur lie!! :P

  5. Hello.
    Fascinating & very interesting post.
    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the visit to my blog too.
    Happy blogging!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

    1. Helloo Andy!! :)
      how good to c u here!
      thnx fr ur appreciations! they mean a lot! :D

  6. Very well written and expressed ...
    I do believe in ghosts and I completely agree with the fact that they too expect privacy ... They don't harm us unless troubled by us ... but again, conditions apply !! The situation's not the same in case of evil spirits ... :)

    1. I know mandy! :)
      thnxx agn!! :D
      wait untill u read my next post! ;)