Friday, 6 January 2012

Delights of Winter!

Winter is my favourite time. Though I know we have no winter here in this city, and though I also know that those who do have a real winter, like the Delhiites are going through now, will scoff at my seemingly false claim.

But please let me explain myself. Winter, to me, has something of romance in it...

I guess it is because of those Christmas cards we recieved frm our schoolmates in our school with pictures of snow-capped mountains and of course Santa with his huge belly n an over sized bag, the sight of everyone in sweaters (atleast in the early morning and late nights!!), or those late night badminton matches, or those hot cuppa coffee after every few hours, or those cuddling up in the blankets or woolen shawls while getting up in the morning, or simply watching ur breathe curl up into a misty cloud when you breathe... all this add up to the winter delights!!

The early morning song of the kookoos and the koels make a wonderful good morning song for a brand new start of the day. The fresh looking plants and brand new leaves on the branches of the trees makes me forget that I stay in a concrete forest... (thanks to my locality with plenty of trees and greeneries!) The morning dews droplets on the green grass glitters as the first ray of sun falls on it. The mist and fog clouding in front of our eyes before dawn and the early morning shiver we get when we come in contact with the chilling water.

Winter brings its own delights not just for me and all my human fraternity but also for the trees and plants and those speechless little creatures!!
The gardens and trees look so much more healthier and fresher during this season. Looking at them makes me feel that they are breathing this chilled air and are content doing so.

Winter is a great weather to get-togethers and open air outings. It is one season that I always look forward to spend with my relatives and cousins. The late night outings with them. The warm woolen jackets and mufflers wrapped around our body. The hoards of laughter soaring up the atmosphere and those cuddling over the warm bonfires...

I remember sitting on marine drive in the mornings and seeing the entire city change colours from dark to orange to white. ( Yes, my college is at marine drive, and it definitely is a boon and I love it hundred folds for just this fact! ) Sitting there and watching people jog-start their day. The school buses packed with children heading to school, and the excited children screaming and waving at us while we sit there with our bunch of vellas and wave back at them cheerfully! The pedigree dogs running with their owners in hoodies. The gang of senior citizens jogging or mostly walking in their groups talking and laughing. And ofcourse many-many other groups of vellas sitting on the side-walk like us, chatting incessantly and giggling or just simply lost in their own world. Winter is the time this place is the most enjoyable! 

Of course winter is not a kind time, but then neither is a heat wave, or for that matter a harsh downpour in the monsoon months!

And though the monsoon can bring its own magic, and spring is the season most poets sing loud and long about, give me winter any day.

So all of you who have not noticed the charms of the season, unwrap yourselves from in front of the TV and PC set, put on your walking shoes and step out to greet the Bombay winter!!

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