Sunday, 26 February 2012

"Taste kahan he???"

Where is the taste gone out of our lives? Where is the inspiration? Where is the force gone which made us work harder and harder?? Its gone, lost somewhere. Lost on facebook and twitter. The energy is spent already. The motivation is missing from our lives. I remember an ad of a chat masala, where people ask the same question in chorus, "taste kahan he?". Today, I ask the same question to myself. "Taste kahan he??"

There was a time when I was inspired and motivated about the goals in my life. My destination seemed so crystal clear. Even today my destination is clear to me, but the motivation to walk on that path, the inspiration, the confidence seems to be lacking in certain proportions. The proportions although are scaringly high.

The time when all I saw was my life, my career, my goals, my future and was inspired to strive hard to attain them is the time that I miss today. Why? The inspiration is missing! I'm not inspired to work hard. I dont feel like burning the midnight oil. My mind wanders on unwanted thoughts, I try to bring it back but in that process, I too get lost! And once I get lost, its almost impossible to get back to reality. Not that this is the first time its happening to me, just that its happening at a crucial time like this. Yes, this time is crucial for me, very crucial, and I must deliver my best and succeed!

I feel like Arjuna, standing in the battlefeild with a bow and arrow in my hand, my imaginary family standing against me, and I feel low. I am not motivated to fight. I feel too small to put up this fight againt such a huge army. I have already lost the battle in my mind and feel like a loser. I feel like giving up, standing at a point where I haven't even started. I need a Krishna, to inspire me, motivate me, and push me to do my best, work with my entire potentials and win the battle. But Krishna is missing from this Kurukshetra. I look everywhere for Krishna but he is just not visible to my naked eye. I need Krishna to show me his Vishvarupa so that I feel inspired to work hard and win the battle with complete dedication to my goal. But well... Krishna is missing from my version of kurukshetra. What a tragedy! Can you imagine Mahabharata without Krishna? No! Its practically impossible! It just doesn't fit the laws of nature. There is no success without inspiration, motivation and dedication! Even if you have the question paper in your hand a day before the examination,and you dont feel motivated or inspired to learn those few answers, you cant pass, as simple as that!

Why am I saying all this? Because my finals are on my head and I still dont feel inspired and motivated to engross myself into books! Oh Krishna, show me thy Vishvarupa! Tell me thy holy words and inspire me!

Books being my soulmate in life, I feel so heartbroken! Yes, this temporary break-up with books is making me frustated and restless, all at the same time. Yes, all you out there, who are nursing a heart-ache, I completely sympathize with you. I do understand how you feel, because I too feel the same right now. I feel ditched, but thankfully, the one to ditch me is my mind and my books. I want my zen back. I want my books back. And most importantly, I want my inspiration back!

So, I end it here, wondering again, "taste kahan he??" and hoping I get the chat masala back in my life soon!


  1. All the very best for exams Aditi...Taste yahan bhi kam pad gaya hai ;)

    1. thnx Chintan! :D
      hopefully exam fever k wajah se taste kam pad gya he! :P
      but babe, wat abt u??

  2. ah talking about krisna you remind me of many things .. the essence of life and other alley. kirsna love is dormant in everyone`s heart churn it and you will find him.He will help you out from all resentments and haywire inside ur head. i spend few days back at a Eco-friendly govardhan village by ISKCON and it was very wonderful .chanting the maha-mantra and kirtan. this village calculate for 64 acres and every thing is organic here...anyway best of luck for ur plumbing exams and wish you all the best :) "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare.. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare" btw i am not a votary of krisna thanks keep writing

    1. true true!! Krishna love is truely dormant everywhr!
      thnx fr ur wishes! :D

  3. I pray you get your inspiration fast!!!! I do...all the best for your exams! May lord Krishna's words echo in your mind

  4. Nice post.

    If I remember the ad rightly, the next line goes - Taste Yahan Hai.

    Hope someone gives you the spark to get you going.