Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pristine pleasure!

   Today after lots of discussion over where we should hang out after college, I suggested we should go to Oxford bookstore and browse a few books. After a few disagreements we decided that we will follow my advice and head to Oxford, even if it is only for a brief time!
   Once there, we drifted off to our areas of interest... science, fiction, literature, comic, art, economy, history and of course Enid Blyton! I having had my share of fiction (atleast for the time being!) headed to the literature section and found myself flipping through the pages of the compiled text of Khalil Gibran! Eyeing the enormous book in my hand my friends gave me many 'oh-are-you-planning-to-read-THAT!!' look... but it lasted only a few minutes since by the time we found ourselves a seat on the floor near the overcrowded shelves, we were all lost in our own books.
   Sitting there and reading in the pristine silence broken only by the slow music flowing in the air I could feel a growing sense of relaxation. A feeling I hardly felt over a long time in the growing pandemonium around me. At that moment I felt reading books with soft music and nothing else falling on your ears is the world's only panacea! It was sheer happiness to be left alone with a book.
   In a while it was time for me to head to my TIME class and had to detach myself from my heaven and head back. Just while leaving Oxford, I made a point to find time to visit this heaven as frequently as possible in the hustle-bustle of life!!


  1. ah books are sweet dumpees always waiting there and crying for our genteel gawky touch.

    1. ohh thats soo true!
      Its like, they sing fr us, 'zara zara touch me touch me touch me...' ;) :P
      and only a few like us can hear them sing! :D