Monday, 30 December 2013

Liars and the lies !

 “People lie to you at some point... Because.....          
  You are more important than the truth...!!"

Yes, I like to believe that. I like to believe, like, Anne Frank, that people really are good at heart...and that they don't intend harm to anyone knowingly. Yeah, I have been believing that since time immemorial, and have I been disappointed? Hell, ofcourse, yes! I have been disappointed so many times...but I have never kept a grudge against anyone. I have never pointed my finger at them and yelled that it was all their fault. I have never accused them of any situation or any circumstance. I have always given them a benefit of doubt.  
We all are humans. And mistakes...knowingly or unknowingly are our patent rights. Gods never make is we who do it! If we didn't commit mistakes, we would be God! Have you ever thought how would it be to be a God? I have. And I have realized that it would be hell boring to be God! I mean, just mistakes, no saying laughing over your silliness...nobody scolding you over your second saying "I wont repeat it"... no learning growing sneaking out at midnight to eat ice-cream and then regretting it the next morning! How would it feel? I know the would feel like God! But do we really want to be like Gods? If you ask me...I would say NO! I am very happy being a human...a humble, faulty, error-ed  messed-up human. There's a joy in being a human that is not there in being a God. You may think that I'm trying to say "angoor khatte hai".... but if you give me the option of having khatte angoor or being a God... I'd still prefer khatte angoor. Because, it is pretty simple, there's sort-of-a-joy in being messed-up and full of errors! 
Coming back to lies.... My theory about liars is that, there always is a reason for each lie. I am saying that because I too am a liar at certain times. Yes, I have lied a many people! I cant say if there is anyone in this world whom I have not lied to... I know you have already judged me in your mind, but thats okay, because right now I'm not a liar. Right now, I have confessed the truth. I'm a human...and to lie and to error is human nature! 
It is easier said than done, I know. And it was not easy for me to forgive the liars in my life too, trust me, it was one of the hardest thing to do...ever! It takes time, ofcourse. Time heals...without a prescribed time limit. But time is the only healer....the only panacea in this world.  
When I say, liars should be forgiven, I dont mean you must embrace them irrespective of what they have done. Neither am I being the lawyer of the liars. All I'm saying is that, give them a benefit of doubt. It sure helps uncomplicating the things. 

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