Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rain rain go away....

           Just as I flip the page of my book, the curtains of my room start flowing as though they are trying to tell me something. They flow so dramatically and happily that I'm stuck at their sight for a complete minute. They dance away to the tunes of the breeze and the cool romantic breeze envelopes me with a sense of dreamy visuals. The pages of my book turned so quickly as if they were suddenly freed from the prison and now they can go and meet their lover. The entire environment in my room right now is so romantic, I feel like falling in love. Embracing the cool breeze, mesmerised by the scent of the earth, hugging the meandering sways of wind, inhaling the wreathing air....I feel like I'm lost in an unknown country. A land meant to be heaven. A land meant only for the gods and demigods. It feels so pristine, I could say this is heaven.

             I walk up to the window, open it ajar. The breeze brings along droplets of molten dew. These sparkling dribs caress my face and I think if what I felt just a few minutes ago was an illusion? Coz now what I feel feels more like heaven. The tender drops touch my face, the heavy lightning electrify the night sky as if the King God just gifted his queen the most beautiful diamond necklace to show his affection and love for her, and the entire sky sparkled with its sheen. The thunder feels like all the demigods and celestial nymphs clapped together at this auspicious ceremony.

               I close my eyes and stand right there, lost in my own world, dreaming of a world which appears only in dreams. As the drops turn into scanty shower, I bathe my mind and soul in this celestial shower. My body drenched in this powerful yet so humble cascade, my mind feels lost. I cant think any beyond. I feel like the mermaid who has just been ushered into heaven. The rain pours onto me as if to cleanse all my impurities and give me a new life...a new direction...a new reason to live!

              Lost in my thoughts...ever so unmindful, touring the heaven and creating stories in my mind, I failed to realize that my bedroom was a flooded land now, and my bed a soaked sponge! And before I could think of ways to undo the situation, and turn this flood zone back into my little haven, the queen of my house appeared right in front of my eyes. And well, the rest , as they say, is history......

Excuse me, will you let me clean my room now? huh!!
        rain rain go away....come again another day....


  1. hehehe...such a lovely post. U cute!

  2. Wow, so beautifully written Aditi! Great *flow* to the post. You should write more often yaar : )

    1. Thanx ! :D
      I try writing as often I can.
      ps - I'm wondering y was that flow highlighted :P