Friday, 18 May 2012

Birthday present!!!!

"Woman......  I want a blog about myself for my birthday as a gift. And its on 13th May. So dont forget ok, anyway, I'll keep reminding you about it, but thats what I want for my birthday from you!"
When I crink my nose up with a confused look, "A blog???"
She brightens up all the more. "Yes. A blog! Better still, how about a book! A complete book about me!"
"Okay..okay... A blog it is!"

So here it is! A blog as your birthday present! And I am so extremely sorry for the delay. I was so embarassed, you have no idea! but then again, all the good things in life are not easy to get, right?! ;) :P

 "Heyy thats a nice bag! My friend likes it a lot. She's Akansha, and I'm Ankita!"
That was the first time we ever spoke. And voila, I remember it till date! It was just that moment which predicted that we are going to be great friends for life-time. We have more than one thing in common and I often wonder what a mad house our mere company can create! She's funny, sometimes way too funny, and the best part is that she's serious about it! :P 

She walks hastily, texting on her BBM constantly, she looks up once in a while to make sure she doesnt bump into someone or something! Her long hair flutters on her shoulder, a few strands escape the crowd and fall on her eyes, she pulls them back behind her ears in a slow tradtional Indian manner. She looks up and finds me staring at her, she waves at me in a quick la-deepika-padukone-in-om-shanti-om-style and gives me a tired but happy smile. Her mind, eyes and fingers go back to her BBM! Her dimples brighten her face, her eyes twinkle and my heart goes out to her when she smiles like that! No guys, I'm not a lesbian... I just admire and like all the beautiful things in life around me! And she definetly is one beautiful thing for me! I ask her why is she so tired, and she gives me her longgggg story with every intricate detail that a girl would want to know! I feel like giving her a warm hug and saying 'All iz well'... but before I can do so, she cheers up, well, she has a story to tell! Her eyes play a naughty smile, and she starts with, 'areyy pata hai...?', and I'm all ears. Grinning and matching the light in my eyes with hers. I listen to her patiently, and while doing so I'm transported into another world completely. I laugh, I smile, I feel good, I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel pity, I feel envious, I feel jealous... I feel it all just through her stories. I almost live those moments through her stories. But I persistently ask her again why is she so tired? She tells me, she's tired of so many great guys in her life! Could I be any more jealous??! She tells me its so difficult to stick to the right one when the wrong ones are so tempting and cute! And I couldnt agree any more. But then again she tels me the good things are difficult to keep, and they are the ones which should be kept for life-time! I just cant help but grin, a big stupid grin. And we burst into our fits of giggles. We share our private jokes, girly jokes and giggle together. Her super cute smile trasfixes my eyes and I have to control my hands from not pulling her cheeks and giving her a tight peck on her cheeks! She's cute mahnnn... I cant help it!


She is turning 21 and prides herself saying now she can do everything that she did till date, legally! And if people who know her think she's getting mad, then well it is true. Yes she is getting mad! She's been preparing for her birthday for as long as 6 months, it could be longer! The pre-birthday bash is going on since 2 weeks, and the post birthday bash will continue for another 2 weeks! If people call me a social animal, she MUST BE a social monster! 

She's a keeper in all senses. She's a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fanatic, and a completely cheesy F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fanatic! She is the perfect replica of the women we so adore in books, movies, and esp fiction. She's independent, mature, good-looking, adorable, sensible and practical. There is a queu of men behind her, all of them droolingly good, she enjoys their attention, and yet is a loyal one-man-woman! She loves the man of her life from the bottom of her heart, and could her life be more perfect! She's gorges on chocolates like she's on a complete chocolate diet, and then complains, I wish I could be like you and Aka...! Her mantra for weight loss is simple, "STARVE!". ANd if you can convince her to exercise or hit the gym, I'd happily be your slave! She can put any shopaholic to shame, yes, she's a monster-shopaholic too! :P

She is an avid book worm like me. She's not the mills-n-boons type, as a matter of fact, neither am I! She loves history and thrillers and a Sophie Kinsella is welcome anytime! She's equally mad about tarot cards as me. She tells me she wants to learn bangla, and I find her taking down notes of the lines and phrases I've just said to her in bangla. She's more enthusiastic about learning bangla than any subject or any chapter taught here in our two-hour lecture! 

I wish I could write a few more pages about you girl, and I sooo wish I knew you completely in-and-out-and-skin-deep, then I could definitly write a book on you, and you never know, it could do what 'one night at a call centre' did to Chetan Bhagat! :P In that refrence, I am J of Aka... She knows you so well. All your deep secrets, all your mood swings, all your madness! I wish I could know them equally well too!

And I apologize again for the delay of your birthday present! Hoping I am forgiven... and I lobee-dobee you shoo much bacchuu...!! Jeez, I cant believe I am actually writing it here! But then, I clarified it earlier that I am not a lesbian, so its okay! :P

Cheers!! :D


  1. A blog dedicated to a friend on birthday . haha cool though.a nice read .Keep writing.:)

  2. How friends make us do silly stuff :D I wrote for many people who have been part of my life and I can understand why the girl wanted one dedicated to her.

    Many more years for you both...