Thursday, 5 April 2012

My Evergreen Fools!!!!

    Just as we enter into the month of April, 1st April welcomes us with the the 'April Fool's Day'. This blog post is dedicated to all my fools! Yep guys, its for you all..! And even if you dont know me, but consider yourself a fool, then its for you too! :P My life, somehow, is full of fools. No, no.. not all of you are fools, just a fraction are. Now please dont ask me to state the fraction! :P

    Okay, coming back to the auspicious occasion it is, I am really glad, that my friends have been dedicated a complete day to celebrate their uniqueness and speciality. Right since my school days, I treasure my friends, and well, celebrate this day of the year, almost everyday with them.

             The first fool of the post HAS TO BE... my school friend, best-wala-besty, a bong and my co-blogger - Mandy! I personally believe, God was experimenting when he created her. He must be thinking, how will  a species be like, if I give her a body of a girl, beauty of a princess, mind as big as a grain of sand, walk of a drunkard, and sense of humor of ...err..... that still is a mystery to me! And voila, Mandy was born!! :P  She truly is unique. She is the most hilarious and memorable company you could ever have! And the beauty of it all is that she doesnt realize it when she's cracking a joke! So, the result could be, that you are in splits, and she too is laughing hard with you, after you regain your composure, she will sweetly ask you, 'Kya hua?? Why were you laughing??' and bwhahahahahahahaa... you go again! :P  She has the potential to drive a shrink mad! And ohh... dare you walk besides her on the road! If she doesnt help you in getting admitted in a hospital with atleast a few limbs broken, then hatts off to you!
And and and... not to forget, the 'bwhahahahahaha' is her signature reply online or in reality! Ask her anything and she'll laugh first and then reply! :P

            Second in this list must be Star. Yes, she rightly has taken this place! She being a Goan catholic, her hindi is masha allah! Her hindi is all you have to hear to go in splits. She does things most of which happens to be for the 'first and the last time'! Yes, she experiments a lot, with foods, clothes, etc etc etc... and thanx to the result, doesnt dare to repeat them again! :P  She asked me to teach her Hindi, and well... now, apun ko bhi hindi bolne ka nahi ata! ;) :P

            Third comes another friend called Titiksha. She is a female with a male head. Confused?? I'll help you. Talk to her and you'll get replies like - 'Aj nahi yaar main kal ayunga. Abhi toh khana kha rha hun. Kal subeh ko ride pe chalte hai na? Main apni bakri (scooty) ko leke pahuch jaunga tere ghar k nicchu, ok!' And what more, how much ever you try talking to her like a girl, after a few hours, unconsciously, you too will have the same dialect! :P

             Next here to take the place is Veni. Yeaa... she has taken the back seat here cz she has never given me so many reasons to keep her in this list, although her phone always keeps falling from her hand, and her hanky... well.. you could say her hanky is a kangaroo's offspring! She always finds it on the floor where she had been sitting or standing. And yes, she's soo healthy and over-weight that give her a light slap on her back, and she could be on the other side of the road! :P  And she's always soo over-confident, that every now and then I get a text/call from her stating, 'Aditi, I donno wat to do... I'm so nervous... Just talk to me for sometime na, tell me what should I do?!' :P

            Not far away is Sumaiya. Yes, shorten her name, and that could be the end of your life. She is miss.perfect! Yes, she CAN sit at the powder-room for hours at a stretch, if her hair is not looking perfect. Always over-layden with accessories. A click-o-holic! She could drive you crazzyyy if something goes wrong with her appearance! :P  All you need to do to get her spirits high is, talk of her marriage plans, and ask her to pose for your lenses! :P  Although all these things doesn't justify her presence completely here, but you see, not finding her name here, even though its a fool's list, will upset her a great deal! :P

Did you miss the boys here?! Oh yes, its been a completely female dominant post, but boys, worry not, I will soon dedicate a post completely to you all!

Till then, Happy Fool's Day!! Stay foolish, stay happy! ;) :P
And all those mentioned here, I love you all! And those whom I missed, dont be so happy, you all still remain the fool that you are! :P

Cheers!! :D


  1. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .....
    Im actually in splits after reading this ... :P
    I love the pic that you uploaded ... ;) :P One of my favourite pic ... :P hehehehehehe ...
    Every word about me here is so true ...
    And yeah, now I can proudly say ... My bong besttie ... my fav bong girl ... the one with whom i can laugh for hours (without any reason :P) ... knows me every bit n understands me the best !! All I an say is ... I love you :) mwaaaah ... cheers !! Bong to bong hi5 ... :P
    bwhahahahahahahaha ... :D :P

    1. hahahahaha... ohh yes babe, I know u in-and-out!! hi5!!
      and I love you too..! :D :D

  2. i dunno what to comment :/ but nice tht u got some good friends around.. keep writing

  3. Thats a whole lot of friends and sounds like an whole lot of fun! I should be envious for you have such a vibrant band of friends.

    Had so much fun reading it! GREAT!

    By the way adorable pics!

    1. yes yes.. true.. it surely is MAD time with them..!
      thnxx fr ur compliments on the pics, the post and my friends!! :))
      Its always a pleasure hearing from u! :)