Friday, 23 March 2012

My Occult Obsession..!!

I wonder why am I so obsessed with the darker things in life so recently. No, I am not talking just about dark chocolate and coffee, I have always been obsessed with them, from as long as I can remember! Here I am talking about the occult practices. The occult obsessions. The prohibited things from our societies. The darker forces. The darker energies. The darker sides of almost everything.

Yes, there is a darker side to everything, to everyone of us. To keep it hidden or flaunt it to the world is ur choice, but the darker side remains with us, no matter what! It appears once in a while, shows its scarred face and again lurches back into its ghetto.

Of lately, I hav been reading the Shiva trilogy, and the emphasis of the evil and the good side of the same coin has only made my obsession with it more deeper and so much more stronger! I couldnt help feeling so completely entralled by the evil forces, but does that make me evil? Does my obsession with the darker aspects of life brand me too as an occult species? I dont think so. I feel engulfed by the darker hidden forces, but not so much that it blinds me and blurs my vision. Just the presence of such forces and energies around me is all I need to excite me and provide my curiosity enough fuel to keep itself burning within me.

A few days back I found myself reading and grasping all the possible stuffs I could about Tarot Reading. A strange thought crossed my mind that same night. Do I want to learn the art of Tarot Reading? Yes, my conscience replied withut hesitation. It the secrecy and power to answer all the unanswered questions that attracted me to it. The mere thought that I too can answer and know the darker secrets of life makes the adraline in my body race up. It is not just the Tarot Reading that I am intrueged by, Automatic writing, crystal balls, ouija boards, etc. too have caught my fancy. Black magic intimidates me. Psychs have always facinated me and not freaked me out!

Spooked, are you?? Dont be....!

Because without a wrong, there cannot be a right. Without dark, there cannot be any light. Without the mystical and mysterious, there cannot be anything bare and exposed. It is just the same fact that seduces me to these hidden corners of life.

Aren't you fascinated by the fairy tales you heard as a kid? Didnt they intrigue you? Didnt you want to know more and more about it? Uncover the secrets and marvell at the sheer breathtaking fact that they are no more secrets to you? Were you not hungry for more and more knowledge and power to discover the occult sciences and dig out your answers? Its the same fascination that drives me towards these dark hidden occult forces and energies with such startling velocity. I feel drawn towards them not to follow them or imbibe them but to enlighten myself about them.

I still am more mystified about the Serpant than the God who lured Eve into consuming the forbidden fruit of knowledge. The evil inside me laughs with an evil grin and tells me, You will never know, but it is that same evil grin which stimulates my walking pace into the land of forbidden secrets. Its the curiosity that becomes the driving force and leads the way to unravel the secrets of the darker land!

As I search for the answers to the hidden unanswered questions, my lips curl into a half smile and eyes narrow down into a deeper stare, the evil inside me laughs silently on a private joke which supposedly is not to be shared. Its a secret too. Ssshhhh....! ;)


  1. hmm.. a truthful post..
    What is encapsulated from us.. always intimidates us..!! and what is dark triggers the interest in us, when they both occur together..:) I have felt the same way too!

  2. so does its enchanted me too.. for a while i was also lashing behind them... but then i got caught up in this fast paced materialist world and couldn't find time for my passion... your post has inspired me to re-take them again.. thanks for that...

    take care

    1. ohh.. thts soo wonderful! I am glad I cud inspire u! :D
      let the curiosity guide u and let the darker side be enlightened to u! :)

    2. Check out I think you'll enjoy it! :)

  3. Oooh! :D My kinda post Girl! :D :D loved it!