Monday, 14 November 2016

Recreating the Masterpiece

Attention please ! The girl to whom this blog belongs is missing, and I am here trying to get back in touch with her, so that I can hand over her things...her life, to her. This post is a way to tell her to come and reclaim her life.

My life has become so boring of-lately, I'm not really sure if this really is my life, or am I living a pseudo-life. I dont know why and how am I taking things so lightly. I am so eased out regarding a few things. I have messed a few things in my life so much. My life looks like a big mess. But how did it all happen? Something is wrong... something is missing... but what? Maybe I have worn out my spark. Yes. The spark. exactly. The spark is missing. I dont feel enthusiastic about reading something new. Probably I really have lost my spark. But how do I get it back ? I feel so lost at times. Its like I am facing a new me these days, and I dont seem to like the new me. I prefer the old me. Although yes, I am inching towards the old me slowly again, but I want the old me back really really fast. I have become this extremely boring person who is boring me out too. I dont like reading anymore... I have stopped writing completely... the last time I really wrote was like a year back! Whoaa... what the fuck have I done to myself! I dont know. I. just. dont. know!

I have become this completely new person, who is so eased out about everything important to my old self. My old self took reading , writing , career , friends very seriously. My new self has stopped reading and writing , it is on the verge of fucking my career , and it has hurt some of my closest and bestest friends in my life! Now that is called some serious screwed up life! Wow...

But my life is going to have a happy ending. Yes. When on my deathbed, I will have zero regrets. I will smile happily before dying. I will live my life exactly how I have planned, and I will die peacefully. And since I'm not dying today... I still have time to correct a few things around. Because, well, as they say .... "Jab jaago, tab savera" ! :)

So, good morning Aditi ! Good morning to the old Aditi. And I hear the doctor say, the old Aditi will be back from her coma soon...very soon. She must follow some prescription medicines, and she will jump back to a healthy life. The medicines are nothing new... they are the age old ayurveda medicines, and have worked since times immemorial. So the cure is guaranteed. All that is needed is some discipline, and perseverance. That's all. She must start writing again, even if it is just a paragraph, but she must write everyday. And she must read everyday. Try and finish her pending list of books that she so lovingly bought and stocked up on her bookshelf. And well, pay some serious attention to her bloating body. A good workout? Or a fresh jog in the morning? Or maybe a dip in the pool? The prescription actually sounds fun! And I am very excited about it too. Excited to bring my old self back to life. I so miss the old me. I miss the spark in her eyes. I miss the spark in my life. So I will get back the spark. Anyhow.

Maybe this is real essence of life. Falling all apart, and then picking up all the pieces one by one, and recreating the masterpiece of ur life. For only when you move beyond fear, you feel free. And unless u r free, you can never build a masterpiece.

Cheers to this Zindagi !!
#LoveUZindagi #YOLO ! <3

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