Sunday, 27 January 2013

The way to gain anything is to lose it!

Recently I had an eureka moment, I had a deep understanding of one of life's basic fundas.... a very simple truth of life came to my realization  And when it struck me, I was awestruck by the beauty and meaning of the simple sentence.

   " The way to gain anything is to lose it! "

I realized that the only way to keep something is to let it go. If you hold it back, it will repel. Tying something to yourself is like ensuring that it will leave you very quickly. And if you let something go freely, be sure, it is yours. I have had numerous experiences working on the same formula, but the calculation dawned to be just now. It is only now that I realized that my holding on to things just did the opposite of what I wanted. The tighter I held onto it, the fiercer it fought to free itself away from me, and the more freedom I gave, the more it clung on to me. Freedom, truly is one of the most important virtues of life. To give freedom, is one of the biggest life's lessons learnt, and to utilize your freedom, shows your maturity.

Recently, I was in a great mental despair. I was almost depressed. It pained me to think that even after so much of yearning and wanting, so much of following and observing, the thing that I wanted kept going away from me. I didnt realize it, that it was me myself who was repelling it by my constant obsession with it. Day and night, my only thought was of the object of my want. I didnt realize that by constantly thinking about it, I was repelling it instead of attracting it to myself. My despair lead me to many sleepless nights. My mind was in a turmoil. It was a fight between my patience and my obsession. I was going through a rough phase, and I wanted the answer to all my queries. And then suddenly I found my answer, in the most unexpected place, with the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time. It was a revelation  The result was enlightening. I felt like a fool. I laughed at myself for being such a big fool. I laughed at myself for being so naive and ignorant.

There are many times in our lives when we care for something, and cling to it, not wanting to let it go. But no matter how much we try to hold it close to ourselves, it repels and goes further away from us. The harder we try to hold it back, the more it struggles to go away from us. And if we let it go, it comes back to us on its own. Thats the beauty of freedom. Thats the power of patience. Ofcourse, it requires you to be patient...very patient, but doesnt wine require patience to grow old and good !

So next time you feel like tying something down to yourself because it is too dear to let go, try this - let it go, and wait for it to come back on its own. It will. Trust me.


  1. I agree with some of your points..its about those things on which we got no control..

  2. I totally agree with you and I have had some experiences that have proved this to be on dot. But, the mind wants what it wants and that's the part which requires effort-to make the mind realize this simple logic.


  3. Yes...breathing space. In everything.

  4. Every word ... very very true !!
    Khub bhalo likhechhish ... :)